And...We're DONE!!

Well the school year is over and our last couple of weeks were crazy and amazing all at the same time! We got quite a bit accomplished over the last couple of weeks and now I gear up for all my summer teaching teaching teachers! I love the contrast in the summer of teaching teachers and my summer teacher helps me be more prepared for the kiddos in the fall! I will be teaching 2 Orff Curriculum courses this summer - one in Alvin, TX and one at DePaul University in Chicago! I will also be teaching Orff Level II at 2 Orff courses this summer - one at Anderson University in Anderson, IN and one at DePaul University in Chicago! I’m looking forward to my time with other music professionals and “playing” together and making music as we talk about great options for our students come fall!

To the right of this post I’ve included a video of my 1st graders reading rhythms from the last couple weeks of school. These are what I call “Rhythm Scores” - although they aren’t completely clapping at the same time, they are reading these rhythms while saying nothing! I’ve been really impressed with them! I start the process with rhythm words so we call quarter notes “quart” and “2 eighths” etc. Then we switch to Takadimi rhythm syllables and do it all over again! Lastly, we clap the rhythms without saying anything which is a HUGE challenge for these little guys, but great work for their sense of beat!

I’ve also included a video of my 2nd graders dancing “Rakes of Mallow” from Phyllis Weikart’s Folk Dance resource. They were able to dance it completely on their own with no reminders from me!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing school year and hope that you have an amazing musically filled summer!

Signing off for the 2018-2019 school year!


Down to the wire...Weeks 35 & 36