AOSA Conference Week - Week 10

Last week was a short week at school because Monday was my only day at school! On Tuesday I worked with the teachers at East Maine School district 63 on curriculum and assessment. It was a full day of sharing, discussion, and music making! Then on Wednesday I headed to Cincinnati, OH for the annual American Orff Schulwerk Association’s National Conference! This year AOSA celebrated 50 years and the conference was an awesome experience! My favorite part of conference is getting to see colleagues from all over the country and hearing about what is going on in their schools and getting a chance to “talk shop” with others that teach like you do! I also got the chance to see Angie Broeker, 2 sessions by Matthew Stensrud, and Vivian Murray Caputo! I also attended the Roundtable for Course instructors, Meeting of the Minds, and the President’s Panel. The history during the Meeting of the Minds was so fascinating! Looking at the 50 years of Orff Schulwerk in America is truly inspirational! I also got to see the Indianapolis Children’s Choir and the Cincinnati Children’s Choir which were both breathtaking! And Jay Broeker’s commissioned piece was an absolute work of art! I even got to play on Jay’s piece! It was such a great experience! I feel so blessed to be a part of that history for the last 28 years!

Back at school, my students had a substitute for 3 days and they got to do their actual lessons with me on video! I’ve started putting lessons on video for subs and it really helps keep things going so I don’t lose time with my classes! This is especially helpful when I’m gone for multiple days! Here is what they did with the sub!

2nd grade continued to work on their 3 songs for their performance on December 1 at Barnes & Noble. They will be doing “Snowflakes,” “What Snowmen Do at Night,” and “Winter Fantasy.” They are doing really well with these songs and I’m hoping to have a BIG turnout at Barnes & Noble on Dec. 1.

1st grade took their B section from “1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive” which is “Little Fishes” and they learned how to notate the poem using Popsicle sticks! This is an activity that is supporting my SLO assessment! This was an activity that will help them understand how dictation works and will help them show growth when it comes time for the Post-Assessment! According to the sub they did well with this activity!

Kindergarten started my favorite book last week! Good Night, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas has become my favorite book to do as barred instrument exploration! It is the cutest story about 3 dragons and a knight! The illustrations are precious and the knight gets to climb up and down the wall to the “crumbly tumbly tower” many times so it is a great story for UP and DOWN on the barred instruments! We also play the “clippity clop” parts on the side of the instrument. (the resonator box) . Most of the Kindergarten classes only got through the story and adding vocal sounds and body percussion as I told the story on video! So we are getting on to instruments this week now that I’m back!

It was an odd week last week but a wonderful week too! I got my “shot in the arm” at conference and I’m ready to dive into program material and curriculum! Feel free to share your conference experiences in the comments section! Viva la musica!

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