Down to the wire...Weeks 35 & 36

Well, now that this week is over, we only have 2 more weeks of school! 10 more days! We are down to the wire! But these last 2 weeks have been busy and lots of good curriculum has gotten covered!

2nd grade finished “2, 4, 6, 8” last week. We had done the mixer that I created (in my resource Playing with Improvisation) and then we took it to instruments and played the bordun and a glock part and then improvised with the B section. We got some good solfege work in on this piece too! At the end of this last week we started on “Johnny on the Woodpile.” This song and bordun is from Purposeful Pathways (R. Sams & B. Hepburn) but I added a partner mixer and a B section! We have just learned the 2 sections this week and started the partner mixer! Next week we head to instruments and try and get it all put together before the year ends!

1st grade finished “Engine, Engine” last week! We did some reading on a PowerPoint that I created and then eventually got to instruments! We played sol-mi patterns (melody work) on xylophones as well as accompanying with a steady beat bordun. Lastly we worked on beginning improvisation for the call/response part. (B section from Purposeful Pathways) They really did a wonderful job with this whole piece. There are 2 videos to the right of this post - one is melody & bordun on instruments and the other one is the full culmination with movement, instruments, and improvisation!

Kindergarten finished up playing all of the verses of the book The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock by Jim Aylesworth. This gave them lots of up and down work on xylophones! They loved it and did a super job with all of the verses. We then started in to “Apple Tree” and played the game! We played the game and also started some literacy work with high and low. I had a class that did a super job with the reading activity and you can see and hear them on the video to the right of this post! We were even able to take the game outside on May 30th since it was O day in our alphabet countdown to the end of the year which was for “outside day" - it was all so much fun! You can see a bit of our outside play on the video to the right of this post!

It’s been a great 2 weeks although students are clearly ready to be done! I know many of you out there are already out of school for the year but if you are still in like we are then I wish you a great end of your year! I’ll be posting one more time this school year!

And...We're DONE!!

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