Heading into Program Week...Week 25

3 out of 5 late nights this past week made things a little rough but exciting non the less! Tuesday night was sound check and practice for the district talent show, Thursday night was the 3rd grade music program and I was blessed to attend and see all of my students that I taught last year perform wonderfully at Edison School! Then on Friday night was the district talent show and it was awesome. So much young talent in district 69! It was a fun night but a late night!

2nd grade started into melodic playing on xylophones this week with “Walking Up the Hill” which is #8 in Erstes Spiel am Xylophon and the text to go with it is text that I wrote. This is their first experience on melodic playing. We discuss that mallets can be like our feet walking up the hill and our xylophone is the hill. This helps them learn to alternate their mallets and helps them focus the high and low parts of the instruments. We started with movement and then take that movement to the instruments. We also discuss the form of each of the 3 sections. This week we were able to get the first section started on instruments. You can see a rough run through of the first section in the video to the right of this post.

1st grade finished up their last week of individual music classes to prepare for their program. I was pretty nervous about things coming together but this week things have definitely come around! This coming week we are doing group rehearsals with 2 or 3 classes at a time, but I won’t have all 4 classes together until the day of the program on Thursday. Hopefully, it will all come together - it usually does!

Kindergarten has started some instrument work and also learned their last new song for their program! The newest song called “Show Me the Suits” is so cute and I was able to put my collection of suit ties to use!! I was given a bunch of ties from a teacher a long time ago and clearly I was meant to bring them with me to Madison for this particular song that I would write with this particular program! We are working on keeping a beat with a partner while holding the ties and then working on “wring the dishrag” - Kindergarten is having so much fun working with the ties! You can see a little bit of it on the video to the right of this post!

As I plunge into program week I’m just hoping to stay healthy and get sleep! And hoping some warmer weather comes with longer daylight! Have a blessed week!

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