I THOUGHT spring was here...week 31

So I thought spring was here and then yesterday (Saturday) was inn the 30’s and it SNOWED! At least it didn’t stick and today (Sunday) is beautiful and back in the 50’s. This weather is not helpful for student behavior in a K-2 building! They need time outside and with so much rain and snow that has been limited! Hopefully we are now on a warming trend!

This past week was a good week for 2nd grade. We finished up “Sweets O May” which is a Folk Dance in the Step Lively resource! We’ve covered the following vocabulary words from the word wall: longways set, formation, and sashay. They did a super job with it and seemed to enjoy it! We are all looking forward to District 69’s Family Cultural Night coming up this Friday night!

1st grade made it to the composition part of the “Bubble, Bubble, Bubble” lesson! I made manipulatives of ‘kettles’ and ‘pots’ and they composed 4 and 8 beat rhythms to be the B section to the song. This has been a big goal for me this year and I’m thrilled that I’m getting to it now with almost 2 months of school left! They will be able to have multiple composition experiences before 1st grade is over! 2nd grade will be awesome for them!

Kindergarten has started doing individual parts for the program on May 9th and I’ve also started placing them in their ‘riser spots’ and working on transitions which is always the most challenging part of a program! I’m still just tickled with them and their excitement and I have to admit that I just love the songs that I wrote and can’t wait for May 9th!

Hope you all have a great week ahead and get to enjoy some beautiful weather!

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