It's cold..Week 14

Well, we are fully into winter now! My long commute to school has be going AND coming in the dark! Only 13 more days until days start getting longer!! This past week was a good week! The weeks leading up to winter break are always a little crazy!

2nd grade is fully into program mode! However, like I’ve said before, program material is regular curriculum material! So I’m continuing to sing, play, and create with 2nd grade! They have now learned 7 of the 8 songs for the program and next week we start into instrument work, improvisation, and creating movement! I have to say that I’m thrilled to see how excited they are about the Snowmen at Night program! Just a reminder that you can find the entire program of Snowmen at NIght on my Teachers Pay Teachers store using the link to the right of this post!

1st grade finished the Swedish dance “Fjaskern” this week! It is a fun partner dance and they love that there is an accelerando in there and they controlled it pretty well! I wasn’t able to get video of them because I was always dancing with them! It made this past week joyful that I was able to dance with them!

Kindergarten has just learned quarter note and quarter rest so this week we learned the mixer to “Bow Wow Wow” and sang it! We ended the 2nd lesson this week learning the pattern ‘quart rest quart rest’ so they will be ready to put that on barred instruments next week! My favorite part of “Bow Wow Wow” is when they jump and turn around to face a new partner and they squeal with delight! Such joy in their eyes!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

I apologize for no new videos or pictures this week! The week flew by and there wasn’t a good photo opportunity! Two more weeks before a break - I look forward to each and every day with my amazing students! They bring me such joy! Have a great week and stay warm!

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