It's COLD...Week 19

If you are reading this from a balmy warm state in the US, know that those of us in the midwest and out east are extremely jealous because here it is COLD! We are supposed to experience record wind chills this coming week and I’m guessing we may get a day home this week - we’ll see…

Last week was a great week but crazy busy too! I only had 3 days at school because Wednesday night I headed to Peoria for the Illinois Music Educator’s Conference! It was an awesome conference! I love the chance to connect with friends that I haven’t seen in a while and to soak up new activities and information and share with others! I did 3 sessions and attended 9 other sessions - all wonderfully inspiring in their each unique way! I continue to be blown away at how blessed I am to love what I do!! While I was gone, Madison School continued on almost as usual since I left videos of me teaching lessons for the subs to execute! I’ll be anxious to see how things went!

2nd grade is experiencing straight run throughs at this point and I continue to be amazed with their growth each week! They are doing a super job with instrument parts and the movement is coming along nicely! Their singing has always been great! The biggest challenge for me now is to make sure I get them all there to the evening performance! We’ve been talking about how important it is to have ALL students there to contribute their part and when someone isn’t there it affects everyone! So I’m hoping for great attendance on Feb. 7! If you are around the Skokie area on Feb. 7 come see these 2nd graders in action! There will be 2 performances - one at 6:00 and one at 7:00! (It is the same performance at both times - just too many kids to perform all at once :)

1st grade worked on “Spaghetti” this week! This is a song that I wrote using the words to the poem “Spaghetti” by Jack Prelutsky! We are exploring simple triple meter which is challenging for them but they are getting it! We played with pool noodles (get it? Noodles for spaghetti - LOL) and created patterns in 3! You can see one class as they explore their patterns of 3 and then practice their patterns of 3 using the link to the right of this post! They got to share their patterns if they chose to and I had one pair of students who absolutely nailed it and were able to keep the beat going throughout the song so I recorded it and you can see those 2 students on the video using the link to the right of this post! They are still learning the song which is why I am doing the singing at this point!

Kindergarten has been working on 2 of my newest pieces that they will put into their program “The Fish Who Could Wish” later in the year! We’ve started on the first 2 things that the fish wished for - a castle and a car! The Castle piece is in pentatonic but the Car piece is in Aeolian and I’m amazed that they actually picked up on the Aeolian piece quicker than they did the pentatonic piece! We also explored driving a car around the bottom of the ocean and how we would have to move under water! They have done a great job with all fo this so far and are very excited about the story and putting it on a stage! I also found a video from week 18 that I thought I had lost so I have added that to the videos to the right of this post! It is the game that goes with the story The Fish Who Could Wish and we played it last week when I introduced the book! You will also hear my Mixolydian melody that I wrote to go with it! They were still learning the song so that is why you hear mostly me singing while they are playing the game! I am also including a video of Kindergarten leading vocal exploration. We started the year with lots of PowerPoint vocal explorations (like the ones you can find on my TPT store) and now we have moved to puppet led vocal exploration! After I had done it for a few weeks I started having 2 students lead vocal exploration using the puppet! They love it and it’s given me a wonderful chance to assess the use of their singing voices! You can find that video to the right of this post!

As we go into this week I wish you all some warmth!! I’m happy to be home for a while and not traveling any time soon!


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