It's STILL cold...Weeks 20 & 21

During week 20 (week of January 28) I was only in school 2 days because we had 2 days that were “Cold Days” so we were out of school and there was a 3rd day that was so bad that I couldn’t get to work safely so I had to take a personal day! I was grateful to have the day to take - that is the problem with a 46 mile commute! Even in the midst of missing days at school, the music room has been active and joyful!

2nd grade performed their “Snowman at Night” program this past Thursday (Feb. 7) and it was amazing! I was so proud of them! I have included a couple of clips from their performance to the right of this post!

1st grade is in full program mode now too! March 14th is going to come quickly! They are learning things quickly but I will be gaining some extra time by eliminating the drill at the beginning of class starting next week. That will give us more time to explore, improvise, and learn the rest of the pieces that will be part of their “All that Noise” program! I’ll have some video to share with you on next week’s post on program prep!

Kindergarten has learned pieces so quickly lately! They are very excited about their program which will be on May 9th! The Kindergarten program will be based on the book The Fish Who Could Wish by John Bush. I’m still writing the music for it but so far we have 3 songs learned and they are adorable with how excited they are about it! We have started exploring movement options for being under the sea and discussing the word ‘resistance’ - I asked them why we move slower if we are walking underwater and they told me, “Because the water pushes against you”! They are some smart kiddos!

I hope that you all are starting warm wherever you are! We will all be looking for signs of spring very soon!

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