Joyful Music Making...Weeks 33 & 34

On May 9th we started our ABC countdown at Madison School! So we are into the final weeks at this point! We have 4 more weeks to go! Programs are all finished at Madison so we are in music making mode and getting in as many concepts as we can to prepare for next year!

2nd grade performed “Chimes of Dunkirk” in honor of D Day in our countdown! D was for Dance Day and I took the 2 & 1/2 days it takes me to see all of my 2nd grade classes to experience “Chimes of Dunkirk.” They did great with it since it was a longways set dance we have just finished “Sweets Of May” and “Jack Sprat” which both use longways set! They really enjoy dancing! We then moved on to “2, 4, 6, 8” which is a piece from my published resource “Playing with Improvisation!” and we are still working through the movement and the literacy and instruments for this piece! Next week I’ll have some video to share!

1st grade learned some sign language with a song I learned many, many years ago at a conference called “Rainbow ‘Round Me.” Kids pick up the song and the signs so quickly and I love to teach this song! We then learned and danced “Sasha” which is also one of my favorites! I did adjust the process based on which class I had. Some classes could handle changing partners and some could not! But they all got to experience it! Now we have moved on to “Engine, Engine.” We have just started it and been doing some movement in trains and switching ‘engineers’ based on a B section I got from Purposeful Pathways. So we will be heading into the solfege part of the lesson as well as gettng on instruments this coming week!

Kindergarten finished their program on May 9th! They did a wonderful job with their music even though their behavior was a little rough. The first performance experience is always challenging but I’m so grateful that they remembered all of their parts! Once program was over we dove into BINGO from Step Lively and they have had a ball with it! There is so much joy when they get a new partner and they are surprised and giggle! It’s so much fun to watch them and you can see one of my classes performing BINGO in the video to the right of this post! This past week we started the story The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock and took it to instruments to start some barred instrument exploration. You can see Kindergarten performing the nursery rhyme on instruments in the video to the right of this post!

I know many of you are getting to the last days of school while we still have 4 weeks to go. I hope you all finish your year strong! Sumer is icumen in…

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