March is here!!...Week 24

I thought March would never get here! It’s been a busy week but it was a good week! We have a group of staff at Madison that has been practicing for the District 69 Talent Show which takes place on Friday March 8th! 2nd grade has been taking the post-test for the SLO, 1st grade in full program mode, and Kindergarten has just been so cute as we continue our songs for program! I ended the week yesterday in Hebron, IN conducting the Elementary Circle The State With Song choir! It was an awesome group to work with! Almost 250 kids and some great repertoire! It was joyful to work with older students again! I love my K-2 students so much but I do miss time making music with older students!

2nd grade worked with compound duple meter all week. We explored compound duple rhythms with Popsicle sticks and you can see some pictures of that work to the right of this post! We ended the week by taking the post-test to see how they have grown! There was so much growth! Next week I’ll be putting on some pictures of their post-tests compared to the pre-test in the resources section of this website! I’m really proud of there work here and getting compound duple meter fully into the curriculum has been a goal for a long time!

1st grade is just about program ready! We are working on instrument parts, making human machines to go with our song called “Engineers,” train movements to go with “Song of the Train,” and our body percussion storm which will go with “Thunder Storm.” Speakers have learned their parts of the poems that will be spoken before each song! We have a week and half left! 1st grade program, “All That Noise,” will take place on Thursday March 14 at Madison School!

Kindergarten has been busy with their “FIsh Who Could Wish” songs! They are learning so quickly and loving every minute of it! This week we started working on steady beat borduns on instruments! They are taking bars off for the first time ever and are doing a great job with it! I spend a great deal of time making sure they know how to take bars off correctly and then find the bars that they need to play. It is a process, but it is worth the time to make sure they will always do it correctly!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, “Spring can’t come soon enough!” I hope you all have a wonderful start to the month of March!

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