Post-Thanksgiving...Week 13

Coming back after Thanksgiving break is always a bit challenging but this year we ended up starting the week with a snow day! It was a little bitter sweet because although I appreciated the extra day at home, I was ready to get back into the swing of things and experience a regular schedule again! The kids did pretty good this week considering we were gone for almost a week and had a snow day!

2nd grade has spent all this week practicing for their performance they had yesterday (Saturday) here in Skokie! District 69 did a fund raiser at Barnes & Noble and 2nd grade started the performances! 3rd through 5th grade Music Club also performed! I’m enjoying getting to co-teach Music club with Megan Murphy! It’s so nice to get some time making music with older students and still having my adorable K-2’s during the regular school day! They all did a remarkable job performing yesterday!

1st grade finished up “Little Fishes” (the B section to 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive) by notating the rhythm using Popsicle Sticks! They did a great job with it! They are really starting to understand how to tell one sound, two sounds, or no sounds on a beat! For the 2nd lesson this week we’ve started the dance “Fjaskern.” This dance is so much fun because of the huge tempo change! I start this dance with students standing on their sit spots and I perform movements that are either the actual dance movement or something to represent the actual dance movement and students imitate me simultaneously! That way they now know the form and how many parts of the dance there are and they also get so experience the tempo change! The next step is that we take it to a circle and change the non-locomotor movements to walking in the circle! Finally I assign partners and we discuss how things change once you have a partner! Most classes didn’t get to partners this week so we will pick up at that point next week for the first lesson of the week!

Kindergarten started “In and Out” this week which is my lesson to introduce ‘quarter note’ & ‘quarter rest’. I’m introducing things in all grade levels earlier than ever this year and it is going great! I’m shocked at how eager they are to read notation! We start with the poem and a game! The “it” student stands in the middle of the circle and covers eyes with 1 hand and then puts their pointer finger out in front of them with the other hand and turns in a circle! At every ‘clap’ they turn a different direction! (The claps happen on the rests - pats on the words) The student they are pointing at a the end will be the next ‘it’. Once a student has been ‘it’ they go to the tubano drum and play on all the words following the drums on the PowerPoint. Once they finish at the drum they move to the triangle and play on all the rests. (triangles on the PowerPoint) When they finish playing the triangle they go back into the circle. The game continues until all students have done all 3 jobs - ‘it’, drum, & triangle. You can see a round of “In & Out” on the video to the right of this post! On the 2nd lesson of the week we finished any students that still needed to have a turn and then I continued on to the PowerPoint which introduced them to quarter note and quarter rest. Kindergarten really did a super job with all of this - I was surprised at how excited they were to be reading music!

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