SLO Prep - Week 5

We had a great 4 day week at Madison. We were off on Friday for staying late 2 nights for Parent/Teacher conferences and we have Monday off this coming week for Columbus Day. The 4 day weeks do make things a little tricky to keep curriculum consistent, however, I do enjoy 4 day work weeks!

I thought I was starting my SLO Pre-assessment this past week, but when I realized I had 2 school days off in a 2 week period I chose to push it to start next Tuesday when we are back on a regular schedule! So next week will look really interesting! I’ll have some creative notation pics for you next week!

This past week 2nd grade continued working on “Leaves on the Ground” which is the new piece I wrote. Right now it is still only done as a speech piece with movement and we’ve discussed phrase form and our final form was ABA with speech and movement! They now know the poem well and it won’t be totally new to them when I hand them their assessment next week and ask them to notate the text. They won’t know how to do that since I haven’t exposed them to compound duple notation at all yet but that is why we do a Pre-assessment and then teach our concept and do a Post-assessment! My lesson plans with 2nd grade over the next few weeks will all be focused on compound duple meter!

1st grade continued with “Hickory Dickory Dock” this past week and took it to instruments! You can see a video of a 1st grade class playing “Hickory Dickory Dock” to the right of this post! They forgot the words a bit but they played great! They are even doing well with the rhythm at the beginning and the end. They also did so well remembering which side is low and which side is high on the instruments. We also discussed beat versus rhythm this week and they are really starting to understand that beat stays steady no matter what the words are doing and rhythm follows all of the long and short sounds of the words. Those are nice simplified definitions of those words that work well for K-2! They will also be starting their Pre-assessment next week and I chose not to teach the poem ahead of time for them to notate and that is because they are already familiar with the notation on the assessment so I’m not sure what I’m going to get from them on the Pre-assessment and if the poem is new it will add some challenge to the mix!

Kindergarten was introduced to Soundy this week (my snail puppet that 1st grade played with last week) and they LOVE him! I enjoy working with Soundy - there is so much joy in the wonderful world of imagination! Soundy and I have a fun playful interaction and I spend a lot of time making sure they understand how important it is that they listen to Soundy sing respectfully and not laugh no matter what his singing voice sounds like! Soundy sings everything - too high, too low, speaking voice only, and perfect matches! I have students tell me if Soundy matches me or if he is too low or too high! I’ve made individual cards that are 2 sided and on one side there is the word MATCH and on the other side is an arrow. I laminated them and then the kids each get one and listen to Soundy sing and then hold their card up to tell me what they heard! Once students can easily hear the difference between a match and not a match they are closer to being able to match themselves! I also continue to use LOTS of Vocal Exploration PowerPoints! You can find many inexpensive Vocal Exploration PowerPoints on my TPT store! (See button to the right to get to the LMO Music TPT store) . Kindergarten also started working more with barred instruments this week and started Jack and Jill. I like Jack and Jill because it is short and we assign Jack to be one of their mallets and Jill to be the other!

This week ended with the ISO Discovery Concert Teacher Workshop which I present each year with Dr. Brent Gault from IU School of Music! We had a great day with awesome teachers and we look forward to working with another group in January! This year’s theme is “From Earth to the Moon and Beyond” so we have lots of things connected to the moon and to space. It’s a fun repertoire but was tricky to be creative with it! I’ll be adding my Star Wars Jam to my TPT store as well as my PowerPoint listening map to Holst’s “Jupiter” soon.

I hope your fall is filled with amazing music! I appreciate comments and sharing this website with others! Thank you for those of you that have already visited the site and commented! I hope this is helpful to others, but ultimately it has been so great for my own professional growth and reflection!! Until next week…


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