Spring is finally here for real...Week 32

Happy May and happy real SPRING!! We’ve had so much rain that surely we will have some beautiful landscape and flowers in the next few weeks!! This past week was tough because of the weather! The kids didn’t get much time outside and they were NUTS! Behavior issues were at an all time high this past week! And then we ended the week Friday night with our District 69 Family Cultural Night and it made my week! The kids were so excited to be there and they were all so cute and introduced me to more parents and families! What an amazing community we have at District 69!

2nd Grade continued on with the dance to “Jack Sprat” and most classes got through the entire dance but no one has started the literacy part of the lesson yet. This week 2nd grade had a field trip on Friday which affected multiple classes and I am a stickler about keeping classes on the same lesson. So we continued work on the Music Word Wall Word Searches so as not to have some classes ahead of other classes!

1st grade finished up “Bubble, Bubble, Bubble” this past week. All 1st grade classes got to the composition part of the lesson which was my ultimate objective. I’ve been spending some time thinking on ways to get my K-2 students composing in an authentic way that will be meaningful to them. This worked pretty well but I will continue to work on lessons that will set up this important element! You can see a final process with the short video to the right of this post. This is their final culmination of their composed patterns.

Kindergarten got assigned to their riser spots this past week and we’ve practiced making castles by making shapes with our bodies while standing on the risers. I think it will be really cute if they all remember what to do - LOL! The program is coming together nicely and I’ll be happy once Thursday is here this coming week! Again - if you are in the Skokie area we’d love to have you join us for one of the performances at Madison School! The performances are at 5:30 and 6:30 and the program is about 30 minutes long!

I hope those of you that are in program season are enjoying the performance time with your students! I’m loving how excited my kindergarteners are about the program! Enjoy your week!

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